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About 79% of customers
first go online to get information
about a company
before they decide to buy.

Use the Internet to Market Your 5 Star Reputation
so that when customers search for you
they will find your 5 Star Review Videos.

Contact us to day to find out more about this
prestigious and powerful strategy that
will bring you more business.

Prompt and Caring Internet Marketing Services

From Click to Call
InterMize Internet Marketing is trained and certified
to manage the entire visitor experience
ensuring you spend less with advertising and get more qualified business.

InterMize is a Google & Bing AdWords Partner
The world’s largest library of Internet Marketing & Advertising
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We are trained and certified by Meclabs in the creation of
Value Propositions, the reason why someone should buy
from you instead of your competitor.

We are trained and certified by Meclabs in
Landing Page Optimization, which
maximizes the potential conversion from website visitor to buyer.

We methodically test, optimize and track
every aspect of your Ads and landing pages
to insure the best performance possible.

Let InterMize Manage Your Marketing and Advertising
So You Can Run Your Business…